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New Digital Platform for EFMP Actions
Service members and families will be required to log into the new Enterprise EFMP (E-EFMP) website to initiate requests. Family Member Travel Screenings will also be processed in E-EFMP.
For questions email local EFMP staff or call 1-833-853-1392, opt. 5

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

What is the EFMP?

The EFMP supports families with special medical and educational needs. Each branch has its own EFMP and enrollment process. You can enroll in the EFMP during duty assignment.
EFMP family support services are also available at your installation. The family support services team is your main point of contact for EFMP information. They can connect you with:

• Military Support Services and Resources
• Community Support Services and Resources

The family support services team can also answer specific EFMP questions based on your branch or installation.

Andrew Rader EFMP

Our office is located at 401 Carpenter Road, Bldg. 525. We can be reached at 1-833-853-1392, Option 5.

If you have questions for the local EFMP staff, please send to
 Rader's EFMP Organizational Mailbox:                  

Military One Source

Visit the Special Needs Resources page on Military One Source for more information about the EFMP.

Contact a Representative

To find an EFMP representative, visit the Military Installations website.

If you are overseas, contact the TRICARE Area Office Director at 1-888-777-8343 and choose the menu option for your overseas area.

Active duty sponsors who have family members that meet the criteria for specific medical or educational needs are mandated to be enrolled to ensure needed medical or educational services are available at the gaining base and local area.

Packets and Resources

DD 2792: Family Member Medical Summary
DD 2792-1: Early Intervention/Special Education Summary
DA 7246: EFMP Screening Questionnaire
DD 2807-1: Report of Medical History
DD 2870: Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information


Instruction Sheet
DA 5888: Family Member Deployment Screening Sheet
DA 7246: Exceptional Family Member Program Screening Questionnaire
Instruction Sheet
DD 2792-1: Early Intervention/Special Education Summary
DD 2807-1: Report of Medical History
NAVMED 1300-1: Medical, Dental, and Educational Suitability Screening for Service and Family Members
NAVPERS 1300/16: Report of Suitability for Overseas Assignments

Contact Us


1-833-853-1392, Option 5
Email Rader's EFMP Organizational Mailbox


8 a.m.– 4 p.m.


401 Carpenter Road, Bldg 525

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Additional Information

Enterprise EFMP
Phone: 240-857-1454
Fax: 240-857-4748

EFMP Forms

DD2792 Instructions
DD2792: Family Member Medical
DD2792-1: Early Intervention/Special Education Summary
DA7246: EFMP Screening Questionnaire
DD2807-1: Report of Medical History
DD2870: Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information
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